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Delicious Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes

Pressure cookers could really aid when it comes to fast cooking. Not only do they considerably reduce the cooking time but they also enhance the flavors and nutritional value of the food being cooked in them.  The pressure cooker recipes discussed below use a variety of ingredients for making delicious and nutritious dishes using your pressure cooker.

Mongolian Beef  

Take 2 lb flank steak and cut it into quarter inch strips. Season it with salt and pepper to taste. Next Put one tablespoon oil in the cooking pot of the cooker and select browning. Once the oil starts sizzling, brown meat in small batches till all of it is browned. Take the browned meat out on a plate. Add four cloves of minced garlic to the cooker and sauté for one minute. Add half cup soy sauce, half cup water, 2/3 cup dark brown sugar, and half teaspoon minced ginger. Stir all the ingredients till combined. Next, add the browned beef along with any accumulated juices. Set the timer for 12 minutes and select High Pressure. When the pressure cooker beeps, turn it off and use quick release for releasing pressure. Carefully remove the lid once the valve drops. Mix two tablespoon cornstarch and three tablespoons water until smooth. Add this mixture to the pot while constantly stirring. Select simmer and boil while stirring constantly till the sauce is thick. Add three green onions (sliced into one inch pieces) and stir.

Butter Chicken

Take ten skinless, boneless chicken thighs and cut into quarters. Use a food processor or blender and make a fine puree of two cans diced tomatoes, two chopped jalapeno peppers, and two tablespoons chopped ginger. Next add half cup unsalted butter to the pressure cooker’s pot and select Browning. Once butter is melted, slowly add chicken pieces and sear until they are browned. Take them out in a bowl and keep aside. Add two teaspoons ground cumin and one tablespoon paprika to the cooker’s pot and cook while stirring for nearly fifteen seconds. Add the tomato and jalapeno puree, two teaspoons kosher salt, 3/ cup heavy cream, ¾ cup Greek yogurt, and chicken with the accumulated juices in the cooker’s pot. Stir to coat the chicken pieces and then lock the lid. Cook for five minutes while selecting High Pressure. When the cooker beeps, turn it off and release pressure using natural release method for ten minutes. After ten minutes, release the remaining pressure using quick release. Open the lid and stir two teaspoons garam masala and two teaspoons ground roasted cumin. In a bowl, mix two tablespoons cornstarch and two tablespoons water. Add this mixture to the cooker’s pot while constantly stirring. Select sauté and let the sauce come to boil. Turn off the pressure cooker and add quarter cup minced cilantro and mix. Serve hot butter chicken with rice or bread.

Corn on the Cob

Take 8 ears corn and husk them. Cut off the bottom and wash them thoroughly. Add two cups water to the pressure cooker base and arrange the corns vertically with the smaller end up. Close the lid and cook for two minutes while setting High Pressure. When the cooker beeps, select Normal release for releasing the pressure. Open the lid of the cooker and take out the corn. Serve with salt and lots of butter.

So what are you waiting for? Just get hold of the pressure cooker and try these mouth watering recipes. This is highly recommended to read pressure cooker reviews before ordering them online so that you can fully understand the functions that product provide and what benefits you can have from that cooker.