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Various Types of Golfing Equipment

There are some basic and few optional golfing equipment’s and a golf player has to understand the basic equipment and its own sub-category. There is specific optional golfing equipment which is used in the game and understanding of these is must.

Golf ball is considered the most basic golf equipment in the golf field. It is a small, white, sometime dimpled ball. This ball should be identifiable in the golf playing field so color matters. There are classes such as the advanced and the recreational. In the recreational class, beginners come and play golf and usually lose their balls frequently. There is a certain golf ball which is typically used to play games for leisure and casual while the advanced ball is for the professionals. This is highly expensive, multi-layered which swings with high speed.

There are various types of golf clubs for hitting the ball; their performance varies because of balls flying high and far. A golfer understands that there are four kinds. First one is the Putter; when you are on the green field of the golf and need to hit the ball at a short distance then use the putter. Second is the iron; this is used to hit the ball to transport the ball in controlled manner. Third is Woods; this ball is used by the player who wants high hitting with all the might so it covers extreme distance. Forth is the hybrid club, which combines the strength of the woods and high launch of the irons.

A player should also have a golf bag to keep all the stuff. This must be big enough to carry 14 clubs; this is the maximum number of clubs permitted to a person while he plays golf.

Some people even wear a pair of golf gloves which makes a firm grip on the club. This makes game safe and prevents the club from slipping from the hand. These gloves make the hitting firm and in a controlled manner.  Golf shoes are also part of golf which comes in the dress code; some golf clubs have strict dress code and do not allow a person if he does not wear proper shoes. Improper shoes would ruin the grass of the field so soft spikes shoes are allowed. Proper shoes make sports easy and comfortable for the golfer.

Club head covers are to lessen the impact of colliding clubs inside golf bag, this makes and saves the club from any abrasions and scratches. GolfEquipment provides valuable information related to various sorts of golf equipment’s and reviews for different products.

There are a lot of golf equipment in the market which are used by the golfer but this all depends upon the golf player to choose which equipment he would really need at the golf course.