Tricks for buying a house key

Want to buy a house key? Don’t choose it wrong, because this is related to home security. On the other hand, you may also need to consult a professional Locksmith before you buy some keys to your house.

Before buying, it’s good to first consider the following trick:

Know the product

Must know the key specifications. It’s because this is related to product quality. Now many keys whose specifications are not clearly circulating in the market. Quality goods, no warranty, no after-sales guarantee. To get a truly good key, buy it from a seller who gives three guarantees at once: quality products, after-sales guarantee and product warranty. The brand image and the seller are important to consider.

Aside from that product itself, the brand and the manufacturer of the keys and locks that you can buy should be considered as well. This allows you to have a better comparison between each brand and types that you’re going to buy, so you can choose either the best or the one which suits your needs.

Don’t be fooled by prices

On the market today around 98 percent of the key circulating has an almost similar appearance. However, it is generally made in China, not Italy. The price is tilted, but the asphalt is genuine but fake. What is certain is that the quality and strength are far lower than the original brand key.

Adjust to the design of the house

Preferably, this can be consulted with the key seller. Note the suitability of the shape, model, base material and key colors with the type and color of the door leaf and the shape of the house as a whole. Also, pay attention to the surrounding environment. Housing near the beach does not use brass locks, because it will quickly be damaged by seawater corrosion. If in doubt about the model and so on, don’t hesitate to ask the key seller.

Consider the budget

Do not push yourself. Many alternatives that fit your home. Although the electric ones with high-quality security measure can look tempting, it doesn’t mean that you should spend more money that you should just to buy a lock. Furthermore, as long as your house doesn’t look too inviting, then the risk of being invaded by thieves can be a lot lower. Just make sure you have a decent lock that will prevent the uninvited guests to enter your house as they please or at least the ones that can slow them down before they can enter your house. Thus, allowing you to have more time to call the police before they get the chance to step one of their feet into your property.

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